A Daily Read

Do you read the newspaper?

My parents, as far back as I can remember, always read the newspaper while enjoying their cup of coffee and breakfast banter. Reading specific writers, editorials, obits and horoscopes were staples in my growing up household. Not me, though; I never could get the hang of how to hold the newspaper so my arms wouldn't get tired.

I know newspaper subscriptions are falling to dangerously low levels, at least dangerous for the newspaper companies. I'm sure the writers have found additional venues to feature their skills in addition to their 'day job' at the papers, but I think more and more papers will be nothing more than a memory in the coming decade.

So, do people still have a daily read? If not the newspaper, what? I suspect it's their personalized blog roll.

Anyone who has a blog, or even reads blogs on any kind of regular basis, has a list of favorites they like to peruse each time they have a minute on the Internet. I have a wide variety of blogs I read, from theologians to hobbyists to homeschooling mommies. The Internet features blogs of whatever anyone wants to write about and with blog search features, you can find pretty much anything that interests you.

Oh sure, you can still read the 'newspaper' on the Internet...but are those in my parent's generation replacing the daily paper & coffee with logging onto the Internet? I know my parents are not. I think most people probably get the majority of their news from the television, to be honest, so that also cuts down on the 'need' to read the paper. That just leaves the entertaining part of reading, and again that leads me to blogs. Even in my short time as part of the blogosphere, I have seen a big upswing in the people participating in blogs, both writing and reading.

I really enjoy reading my favorite blogs, and I appreciate those who post on a regular basis. I'm reading, commenting, laughing and pondering right along with them, kind of like a virtual community. The feeling reminds me of watching my parents enjoy their local morning paper, to be honest.


Mama Cache said…
I love my stroll, that's for sure.

You stop writing, and I will be forced to find something to fill that hole . . . probably chores. Blech.
Jedi-J said…
I agree...the age of paper in all forms is slowly coming to an end. Maybe in our own lifetime.
Ari C'rona said…
You know I have my list of 'must-read' blogs. I find that I keep up on current stuff more now than before the internet, for sure.