Days have interesting personalities. Some days are stressful and horribly busy - those types go by so fast that they are a blur in the memory. Others are just the boring, mundane type where the same old chores and conversations occupy the day making them easy to forget. Then there are the ones that are highlights, memory-makers - the fodder for stories oft repeated by our elders.

But it's the waiting days that I dislike the most. Well, dislike may not be the right word, really. They are the hardest for me; the wait-and-see has always been like a weight sitting on my shoulders, whispering in my ear, distracting from everything else.

That is today. And it was yesterday, too. I am just waiting to see how things are going to turn and evolve within my beloved congregation. Will we be able to handle the issues that are confronting us, or will we choose to ignore and allow things to get out of control? I am hopeful, but ready...and waiting.

Another situation has presented itself that involves waiting, as well. My brother, who is five years my junior, is the proud father to two young boys. Unfortunately, they have had the lifestyle of those whose parents do not live in the same household. A common affair, to be sure, but not an easy one. My brother 'had' them for quite a while, facilitating their care and schooling, and sharing that time with their mother. But then, their mom decided to move and that changed the scene for these little guys. New care-providers and new schools, a different home and new personalities entered the picture. Unfortunately, it was not for the better.

As these things sometimes go, tempers flared and the children were at the mercy of a bad situation. Thankfully, a protective and caring teacher had taken notice and finally alerted the authorities. My brother was called in and was actually under some suspicion, but thankfully that has been dismissed. He managed to collect the children from the authorities and now my parents, who are in their late 60's, are standing up to take custody of these two precious boys.

I'm not a fan of government agencies, to be honest. It never seems like to you get the whole story or straight answers when you need them. So, we wait. We wait to hear whether it is a temporary custody or permanent. We wait to see if my brother will eventually have custody of them and whether he will be able to establish a stable environment for their little family. We wait to see if criminal charges will be pressed on those responsible for things that shouldn't have happened. We just wait.

And hope for the best.

Yeah, waiting days are not my favorites.


Anonymous said…
Sending prayers and good thoughts for these young boys and your parents too. Bless them all.
MJ-Ona Journey
Ari C'rona said…
Well, my dear friend, I'm waiting with you to see how things play out in both arenas.

You appear so patient... Gee, I just thought of that quote from our favorite Jedi - 'I'm just better at hiding it.' :o)
Mama Cache said…
Praying for you, my friend -- and for those who are dear to you, as well.
Netanya said…
So sorry to hear about that situation. I will be praying for those 2 boys and your brother and parents as well. I really feel for the children.
Jedi-J said…
Wow that's deep. I don't know what to say about either issue. :(