October 13, 2009

This Jedi reviews Star Wars in Concert

Last night was the arrival of the fabulous Star Wars in Concert here in Seattle. The production is traveling to thrill Star Wars fans all across the country with a full orchestra, light show and video montages of the movies we love. Traveling with the musicians is some of the original props and costumes used in the films. We had the pleasure of attending and trooping with the Rebel Legion Alpha Base and the 501st Garrison Titan - what an evening!

Padawan and I had a lot of fun being 'stationed' by the most popular of costumes in the exhibit of props, the Darth Vader costume from the original trilogy. What a crowd of picture-takers! By far my favorite concert goers were the littlest Star Wars fans dressed as their favorite characters. We saw many Boba Fetts, little Leias, Jedi younglings and even a couple of Jawas and an Ewok. The pure excitement of the event was mirrored in their young faces - one and all.

So, we posed for pictures, worked the crowd, and answered questions only as Jedi can. Then we were quick to take our seats for the show, and what a show it was! The execution of the genius of John Williams was superb, Mr. Anthony Daniels was the perfect Master of Ceremonies and, what can I say...the film moments grouped into themes was fresh and exciting to watch. The quality of the video was incredible, the colors just popped giving the familiar scenes a brand-new feel. We thoroughly enjoyed it, to be sure.

Tonight the show will be repeated in Portland, and those fans will be as thrilled as we were, I'm sure.


J Antonelli said...

i am so pleased for your successful mission!

Mama Cache said...

*smile* Glad it was a great evening for you.

Sue KuKu said...

I read the article in The Oregonian about this concert, with an interview with Anthony Daniels. He seemed like a wonderful person, so I am glad to hear he was a great MC and the concert was truly spectacular!

Ari C'rona said...

Excellent review, Master D'bu! Another mission complete! :o)

YourBrother said...

Hendel, as I've said before, you missed your true calling as a photojournalist. You have the eye to tell a story in pictures. Keep up the good work, maybe I will learn something from your work.
The Force is with you!

Hendel D'bu said...

Chuck, you are too kind! Thanks for the words of encouragement - they mean a lot to me. :-)