It's all just makin' me nervous.

I don't really get nervous easily. No, really; I know it seems to be one of those gross generalizations about woman that they are nervous-nellies. Well, I'm not one of them, but even I have to admit that I am nervous about the state of our current political environment.

First of all, I was raised as a pretty liberal Democrat and the rest of my immediate family still vote that direction to this day. To their dismay, somewhere along the way I came to the realization that I agreed more with the opposing party than I did my own. I'm not really sure when the change happened, to be honest. Was it during numerous abortion debates with friends? Maybe it was the hours of watching political news feeds. Or possibly the change happened slowly as I, myself, weighed the issues and came to my own conclusions. (And just for the record, I don't trust politicians - never have.)

Regardless of my political bent, I really don't like what I am seeing and hearing. I am probably not alone in this thinking, as there just seems to be a general discontent with the current direction of the country regardless of your political affiliations.

The health care reform debate is a complete disaster. It's going to cost a bazillion dollars that we don't have. The only way to pay for any type of reform is through taxpayer dollars, and as a taxpayer, I have to say that we are just barely squeakin' by. More taxes? Can we afford that? Should we, or our employers, be paying more for our medical insurance...can we afford that? Government-run health care? Please, tell me no one is truly considering this as a plausible idea. I see how Medicare and Medicaid are run, though the government, and I know that the best care goes to those with private insurance. Period. I've seen it in action too many times. I know there needs to be some reform - everybody does - that is not the issue. My issue is there is nobody in Washington who cares enough for the everyday Joe to just buckle down and brainstorm some good ideas for reform without adding in every little pork project on their desk. It is sickening, really.

The weakening dollar is a great concern to me, and should be to all of us. Can we Americans get a handle on the fact that perhaps soon we will not be the great power we have always thought we were in the world? China is quickly and quietly on our heels, and I am very concerned with the financial choices of our politicians, our leaders. China is not our friend, I hate to say. So, when China becomes the political, financial and military leader of the world, what is that going to look like? What would happen if America was forced to go to a one-world currency?

And let's just not even talk about the so-called 'stimulus'. In a matter of months, our country is now in debt so far my children's children will still be paying our bills, plus interest. Oh, and that interest goes to China, I believe.

Increasingly disturbing still is the situation concerning Israel. The UN is definitely pushing a non-nuclear world agenda, which sounds good, right? Hasn't Pres. Obama made it clear that his primary goal is to create a non-nuclear world? That would definitely mean that Israel would have to give up nuclear weapons (and the US for that matter), but would her neighbors? Does America still stand in defense of Israel? I'm not sure anymore. It is a startling reminder of Biblical prophecy stating a day when all the nations will turn against Israel. I am more and more convinced that day is quickly approaching.

Smaller things are bothering me, as well. Cameras in classrooms in the UK monitoring teachers and making sure students are behaving correctly. Gas prices moving up and down at the whim of...who? Children being taught to sing praises and bow before our idolized President. Known fraud occurring in US elections and inside government agencies such as ACORN without consequences. Congressional members and votes being bought and sold to the highest bidders with no thought of honor, righteousness or honesty. The White House singling out and attacking a large conservative news organization without apology or excuse (so much for free press). Half the nation is absolutely convinced (brainwashed?) that change, radical change, is a good thing - does that mean socialism? What's next...propaganda TV?

And I have observed another strange phenomenon; those that are of the Democratic and/or liberal thought have no qualms about sharing their edicts and opinions as if they are inerrant, assuming everybody thinks the way they do. However, conservatives seem a bit more hesitant to speak up for fear of...what?? Conflict? Divisiveness? When they do step out and speak up, they get absolutely hammered and ridiculed. I see this phenomenon happening concerning religion, as well. I suspect that is why the non-religious secular seem to always 'win the day' in culture and entertainment.

So, yeah...I'm nervous.


Ari C'rona said…
That was well stated! I couldn't agree more, my friend - perfect image, too!
Kaaren said…
Totally agree. Lord forbid a Conservative have an opinion. It is immediately written off as hysterics or idiocy. The world is a scary scary place.
J Antonelli said…
"Nervous Nellie"? What does that make me...Nervous Nelson? LOL