Another one?

'the photographer' looking for the perfect shot of Mt. St. Helens 
photo credit: Padawan

How many blogs can one have without looking, well, like you have too many?

When I started this blog, I had intended on having it be my personal place to record my thoughts and pics from the various parts of my life; a sort of melting pot of my endeavors and random philosophizing encompassing whatever I was involved in at the moment.  I had absolutely no idea how much I had to share!  As time went, I realized combining my love of all things Star Wars, letterboxing, our travels, my photography  and my faith/community in one place seemed too busy and disjointed.  I decided to break off the letterboxing piece into it's own blog, My H'Art in Rubber.

My H'Art in Rubber, or better known as the carving blog, has been mildly successful.  Aimed at the letterboxing community, namely Atlas Quest readers, I am pleased to have quite a following both on the blog itself and through our favorite letterboxing website.  It was my original thought to occasionally upload some of my carving efforts, but quickly worked into a daily blog of my stamps, famous 'boxers I've met, 'boxing advice, tutorials and discussions about tools and materials.  I treasure each follower and love that my blog, at least in a small way, is adding to the fabric of the AQ community.

So, I have had the two blogs for quite some time now, happily posting and enjoying changing out sidebar pics and bits of wisdom worthy of consideration.  Little by little my posts here have focused more and more on my photography; from our travels, Star Wars troops and festival celebrations.  It occurred to me that I probably could break off another 'piece'.

Hence I want to invite you to my own photography blog called SNAP.  Yeah...another one.  I know, I know - so many others have blogs featuring their photos, and they are good...very good, in fact.  (One of my favorites is As I See It by a wonderful gentleman by the name of Mark, aka Lionsmane out of New Mexico.)  As it was with this blog and the carving blog, this new blog is for my personal edification, but I would love to have friends along for the journey. *smile*  Join me, will you?

In closing, I want to say a heartfelt THANK YOU! to my regular and occasional readers, and look forward to posting on these, now three, blogs (do I have that much to say??).  Let me know what you think, leave me lots of comments and pass along links to your blog(s) - I'd love to read them, as well!

Oh, one final thought; blogging has become an interesting phenomenon.  Do you think that it is slowly replacing the print media such as newspapers and magazines?  I suspect that it is, but I'll save those ponderings for another post...


Mama Cache said…
It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words . . . who's countin'? Not I! Blog on, dear girl!
Ari C'rona said…
I love your new blog, my friend! Hey, I like the pic of you... :o)
J Antonelli said…
Did I ever mention I went to photography school for a year?
Hendel D'bu said…
No way, J! You could teach me a few things, I think! Thanks for following... :-)