Would you?

If I died today, would you remember me?

Would you truly know who I was, who I wanted to be, who I longed to be?

Would you know my loves and my heartaches...would you know my heart?

Would you remember times spent together laughing or crying?

Would you go to a memorial service for me? Would you recognize me from the things that people said there?

Would you miss the sound of my voice or smile when you remembered my laugh?

Would you remember how my eyes looked when I was sad?

Would you remember what I loved to do and what was dear to me?

Would you see me in my children?

Would you remember my faith and ponder it again?

Would you think of the time I freely gave to others?

Would you read my writings and think about them again?

Would you know how deeply I loved, how I longed for friendship?

Would you really know me?

Would you?

Or would you remember me as arrogant and a know-it-all?

Would you remember me as someone who always has to be right, never to admit a mistake?

That I wasn't perfect, as well as inflexible and stubborn?

Would you remember me as selfish and self-centered?

Would you think that I spent too much money and took you for granted, remembering thoughts of inadequacy and disrespect?

Would you remember that I laughed a little too loud, asked too many questions or sang a little off-key?

Would you only remember to be grateful that it was over?

Would you?