Word Clouds

I have just recently been introduced to interesting things called word clouds or word tags. Apparently originating for marketing or analysis of text or data, this Wordie* finds word clouds very, very interesting indeed!
1. word cloud a grouping of words from a blog or site (usually tags) with the most-frequently-used words in the larger, bolder font. the visual effect of the grouping is that of a cloud.

Example: David was mad when he saw your blog's word cloud. It showed "David" in a small font, and "Bob" in a large, bold font. David knows you don't blog about him as often as you blog about Bob.

~Urban Dictionary

So, I went to the word cloud site, www.wordle.net, to check it out. Immediately I was thinking of a gazillion things I wanted to input and turn into clouds. But, my enthusiasm dampened substantially when I realized I couldn't save it to my computer. What?? The site gave some sort of lame solution of taking a screen shot, which I could not get to work for some reason. Ugh.

But, don't tell me I can't take a 'picture' of something...heh! Here's the wordles I made:

A wordle generated from my latest blog posts...
what a funny combination of words!

My favorite Sabbath Prayer from the erev Shabbat siddur

and I don't need to tell you what this is!

So, that's a word cloud - cool, eh?

*Foodie is an informal term for a particular class of aficionado of food and drink; likewise a Wordie is someone who is an aficionado of words of all types. Bill O'Reilly would be a good example of a celebrity Wordie. Yes, I just coined the term. *smile*


Nitrocat said…
Ooo! A new toy!
As a fellow "Wordie" you really need to come and write with us at NaNo.

Ari C'rona said…
That is just too cool! Love your newly coined word, my friend! :o)
Anonymous said…
This is way to fun! I could do this all day. Thanks for the hint for taking a picture of it. I love my digital camera.

MJ Ona Journey
Kaaren said…
I have a word cloud over on my right sidebar of my blog. I think it's neat-o.
Mama Cache said…
A bit fond of words, myself. ;-) More to share on the word clouds later, when my tech issues are resolved.