The Curse of the Restless Spirit

just a pic taken out of sheer boredom...

I have a restless spirit, it's true. I want to go, see, experience and live new and different things...gosh, all the time! I get bored easily and that's not really a good thing. I have a friend that claims that boredom is a sin, but I'm not sure that Scripture bears that out, to be honest. *smile* I'm hopin' not, anyway, because I would have been in sin the majority of my life!

It's not that I don't have a lot going on, of course; most everyone does. But, don't you just get tired of what you are doing, or supposed to do, and long for a change? OK, that was a rhetorical question...of course you do. I think of my dear husband who has to get up at the earliest of hours every morning to go to work at the same place, with the same people and the same routine every day. Day in, day out...arrg! I respect him for his perseverance, that's for sure. But, I wonder how everyone else does it seemingly without complaint, when my own spirit is screaming in agony with the tedium.

Honestly, I have it easy really. My days are scheduled by me, or rather my offspring - taking them here or there, shopping, and overseeing their training. I don't always have to get up early, and what I call early is what some would call their first 'smoke break' of the day. I rarely need to use an alarm, which is nice because I can't think of anything in this world more crass and annoying than an alarm clock. It's just unnatural.

My spirit longs for something new, something inspiring, something...different. A new place, a new atmosphere, something new for my mind to contemplate and ponder. Ever feel like that?

A solution escapes me for the moment. In my experience, I don't have to wait long before I just can't stand it and plan something...usually involving driving, something to look forward to. When I was much younger, I knew I had to have something to look forward to or else I would be terribly discontent with life in general. Well, thankfully I have matured some and am more content, but I still look for and need that 'something' to look forward to. Perhaps that is why I'm such a planner - actually, I'm sure of it.

So, what's next? Break out the calendar and hope to squeeze in some kind of something in amongst the upcoming festivals and all that is planned the next couple of months.

Ah, a challenge...that will help!


Mama Cache said…
That's an interesting mix, your rose and your thoughts. ;-) Much to think about, my friend.
Ari C'rona said…
I can feel your longing, my friend! The navigator is ready and waiting for the next adventure! :o)
pihzaz said…
Even though i am 18 years old i still can relate to you. I love this, it's good to know someones feelings are mutual!

Good luck, you know you'll find what you're "looking" for.