Cake Show 'n Tell

Sometimes it amazes me what reading someone else's blog will inspire. This afternoon I was excited to see the recipe for Kaaren's Marshmellow Fondant on her Kaaren's Kakes blog. Not sure I'll decorate a cake with it, but I like the idea of having the recipe close at hand just in case the mood strikes. On Kaaren's blog sidebar, a pic from another blog she follows caught my eye, Cake Wrecks.

The blog featured pictures of absolutely stunning wedding cakes. As we, Lisa and I, were looking at those beautiful creations, I realized that I couldn't remember what my own wedding cake looked like, which prompted me to dig and find a picture of it. Well, that was a trip down memory lane I wasn't expecting!

I loved my wedding cake which was decorated with lovely cream-colored frosting to match my dress. I wanted tiers, but still a little unconventional. And, an added bonus, it tasted great, too! (Oh, and before you ask, I didn't make it myself.)

Thanks, Kaaren, for the inspiration and motivation to refresh my memory!


Mama Cache said…
*smile* Very yummy.
Ari C'rona said…
Thanks for such a great time on memory lane, my dear friend! :o)
asl4god said…
Yes it was very yummy!! I had forgotten what your cake looked like,too, until I saw your photo. Funny the things we remember, eh? I'll never forget how beautiful you looked!! I'm so glad I was able to share that time w/ you, my sis!! Love you!!!
Kaaren said…
This post had me looking at my wedding photos for my cake.

I have NO GOOD PICTURES of it!! Not one. How crazy is that, and that I never realy noticed? Honestly, the cake was not important to me then. Ironic.
Hendel D'bu said…
I was surprised that I could actually find pics of our cake - and was so pleased!

I wish I could have seen your cake, my friend :-)