July 21, 2009

Starfish, Rocks and Sandy Feet

Scenic Beach was beautiful today at low tide, which was 10:30 this morning. We were there ready to see what there was to see. Starfish, hermit crabs and moonsnail artistry were to discovered, new sights and smells, too. And after a delightful lunch with friends, we enjoyed a meandering drive to Fort Flagler through the countryside.

In my attempt to be artsy and clever, I seem to be repeating the themes of rocks, hands and feet and/or shoes. Interesting.

Here's the best of the best shots out of the 250-ish I managed to snap today...wow, that's a lot!


Mama Cache said...

Rocks, hands, feet . . . and hay bales! Yes!

Those photos are exceptional. Love the close-ups.

Ari C'rona said...

Wow - I love the concise yet artistic way you describe our day! The pics capture the feel of the day so well! Such a different feel than my concrete/random approach!

Absolutely fabulous, my friend!:o)

Hendel D'bu said...

yes, hay bales...just for you, my friend :-)

Mama Cache said...

Thank you . . . made me feel special.