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Feeling rather random today. Here's a few snaps to go with my mood.

Jeddy is insisting on helping me draw out the pattern for my new Jedi pouch. At one point, all the kittens were laying on top of the spread out leather and all my was pretty funny!

Here's the finished pouch. I had to make a new one for my new little point-and-shoot camera I got for "trooping". I thought I measured it right, but I must have been a bit distracted; it could have been a smidge wider, but it works.

(actual size approx. 4" x 2.75")

My neighbors will be returning home from a week-long vacation today, and again we were charged with making sure their lovely garden doesn't die in the heat. Yesterday, we went and soaked everything well. Gosh, it looked so different from the last time we watered for them, just about a month ago.

It's almost blueberry pickin' time!

Lisa is a great hand model!

Tay has been taken quite an interest in photography, so I gave him a little lesson with my big camera. He likes taking pics of his Momma...

The boys are getting ready to re-roof the barn - I'm sure that will be good photo opportunities. As I looked out at the mossy roof of the barn from the balcony this morning, I spied little spatchy birds hoppin' around and playing with each cute.

My Padawan and I will be troopin' this weekend in a local parade. Hopefully my new little camera will work out and I'll have some fun pics to share.

The barn swallows have finally moved out for the year. *sigh* I'm sure they will be back next spring, though. I believe this was the third generation that has used the little nest above our front door. Alex doesn't like cleaning up after them, but I just love to watch them.

My sweet 'Snapshot' is still at camp...I miss her, but I know she is having a terrific time. I suspect that she is starting to get kinda homesick. We have a standing appointment Sunday mornings to meet for breakfast. *smile*

Speeder is sitting sadly in the driveway in need of a new battery. Let's hope it's just the battery and not the alternator, eh? I hate car hassles.

Well, off to make some more sweet tea - can't seem to keep it in the fridge these days. Here's the recipe I got from my mother-in-law's friend Jean, who lives out in the country down in southern Mississippi. It's the real deal. I love sitting on her back porch chatting, watching the birds visit her birdhouses and hearing the kids catch lizards while enjoying a tall, ice-filled glass of sweet tea. Yeah, that's good. (Gosh, just took a mini mental vacation there! lol!)

Jean's Sweet Tea

In a large glass measuring cup, heat 4 cups water along with 3 or 4 black tea bags for 5 minutes in the microwave (or you could heat the water on the stove and let the tea steep for a bit on the counter instead). Remove the tea bags and add 1 cup of sugar to the hot tea and stir until dissolved. Add another 4 cups of water and refrigerate. Serve over ice.

I actually tweak the recipe a bit by adding one bag of herbal mint or peppermint tea, and reduce the sugar to 3/4 of a cup.'ve gotta try it.


Ari C'rona said…
Hey, I enjoyed your randomness! It just feels so normal - lol! Thanks for the mini road trip to Mississippi - raring to go on a real one!
Mama Cache said…
That was a great read! Maybe I just need to fix myself a tall glass of sweet tea and read it again. The recipe is perfect, especially with the touch of mint! Yum.