Photo of the Day: Shabbat-ing

I took the new camera to shul to try to get used to it a bit more. Here's the best shots of the day.

The candle shot is from our erev Shabbat table, and below Gary is following along with Josh as he reads from the Torah.

Morgan checks out the new camera, and promptly takes a pic of her shoes! Actually, she was trying out the zoom capabilities. Those are some kind of camp shoes, eh?

We decided to cool off a bit by taking a little drive; the 5-mile drive through Point Defiance Park is green and cool on a hot day like today. Below, Padawan snaps a pic of our Jedi Protector.

And this last one is of the view from one of the pull-outs along the drive. It was a beautiful summer day. Baruch HaShem!


Ari C'rona said…
They came out very nice! It'll be great to have at our troops! :o)
Mole said…
It looks like you are in great shape with your new addition.