One for the Utility Belt

Isn't it a beauty? Measuring about 3.5" x 2", and only three-quarters of an inch thick, I think it will slip nicely onto my Jedi utility belt. And, not a minute too soon - another parade looms next weekend!

I have been longingly looking at small, slim cameras since we marched in the Starlight Parade in Portland. I was not able to capture any of the wonderful moments because my beloved Sony camera is just too, well...fat. There, I said it. It is just too big to slip into a pouch or hide up inside my sleeve. I'm kinda protective of it, too, as it is a really great camera and I don't want anything to happen to it. I know, I know...attachment shouldn't be a part of a Jedi's life, but I really like my camera.

So in our travels today in search for just the right coffee maker (after mine died this morning...ack!), I let my son talk me into checking at the local pawn shop. Let me just say that I have never been in a pawn shop and was a little apprehensive, but what did I have to lose? This pawn shop is not like your typical sleazy, dank pawn shop with the stereotypical man in a wife-beater behind the counter (no offense if you work in a pawn shop or wear wife-beaters!). No, this was clean and nice, and was packed with customers. No coffee makers were to be seen, but they did have guitars, video games, stereos, computers, jewelry (of course!), vacuum cleaners and small electronics. And nice, helpful clerks...that always helps.

It was the small electronics that caught my eye, as a small camera was forefront in my mind, second only to a coffee maker. They had quite a selection of small point-and-shoot models, ranging in quality and obvious wear. A little red one caught my eye...and it was only $59. Gosh, that's more reasonable than over $100, plus it was 30% was calling my name! So, I decided to see if I had any jewelry sitting forgotten in my jewelry box that could be hawked. I returned to the shop, sold three rings and a gold pendant, and came away with $86! I win!

I got the little red camera, which is 8.2 mega pixels by the way, and had enough left over to get a little case that will fit on my utility belt, the memory card it needed and a coffee maker! Score!

Here's a few experimental pics from this afternoon. Tay particularly liked this shiny new penny; I didn't know they were making special pennies - when did this start? And, why don't 10 year old boys clean their fingernails? Sheesh!

I love taking pics in the late afternoon...the lighting is perfect!

The boys got a new motorized bike from their Grandfather this afternoon as well, so they were thrilled to have me taking their pictures on the new toy. Here's Alex:

And Tay's expression when he thinks it's his turn:

The youngest always seem to get their way, huh?

And here's a random shot of our Blue Spruce (click on the photo to see it larger and how sharp that pic is - amazing for a lower-end camera!).

I think I will like using this little camera. The macro shots aren't too bad, but I need to figure out the settings and menus better prior to the parade. I have one week...

ready, set...GO!


Mama Cache said…
Click and enjoy! The blue spruce close-up was pretty amazing. Yeah, you definitely win. ;-)
Ari C'rona said…
Cool!!! You got one! Sweet! Great scrounging!:o)

Hey, do I get to ride the bike? hehehe...