Do you need a box?

That's what they always ask me when I go to Costco, that wonderful mecca of economy-sized items - the king of the big-box warehouse retailers.

So, I say "yes, please" cuz I really don't want my tub of laundry detergent to roll into the mega-pack of eggs that are next to the mondo bag of shredded cheese. All these items just need to be corralled. Hence, the boxes.

So then, the boxes get tossed to the floor after we unload them...isn't that what happens at your house, too? Thankfully, some in our household are thrilled with the prospect...

I have never had cats that loved boxes so much. Just put a box on the floor and one of them is instantly in it! They love paper grocery bags, too. Go figure.

There she is with that blasted camera again. *sigh*


Ari C'rona said…
What a hoot! Those cats are so funny! I guess it runs in the family as Sunny likes boxes and bags, too, oh, and empty coolers! :o)