The Biggest Field Trip Ever, Part II

So, let's continue with the second half of the Biggest Field Trip Ever...last post I left you in Mobile, Alabama with X Marks the Spot at the Coast Guard facility. After hugging my mother-in-law in Mississippi goodbye, we traveled onto Georgia to attend the 5th Annual SE Letterboxing Gathering at Stone Mountain. After that, it all starts to get a bit hazy for me; all the driving must have been gettin' to me! lol!

*breaks out the map*

OK, so from Georgia, we trekked through Knoxville, Tennessee, then to Nashville, Paducah and onto St. Louis. The Arch was incredible and we rod the 'pods' to the top. Springfield, Illinois was next and we met up with Lisa's sister to tour the Lincoln Museum there (which was absolutely FAB, to be sure!).

Sioux Falls, the birthplace of my mother, was next on the itinerary, then a side trip to the Little House on the Prairie town of DeSmet. Onto Rapid City and Mount Rushmore and then the long road to Yellowstone Nat'l Park. We decided to stay on both sides of Yellowstone, in Cody, Wyoming and West Yellowstone on the Montana side. Absolutely incredible!

After that it was the rather uneventful final drive home, stopping to snap some pics of the beautiful Columbia River on the way. I have to say that we were kinda sad to be back home...

For the next trip, we are thinking about zigging diagonally down to Mississippi and zagging diagonally back home trying to stop at as many National Parks and Monuments as possible. Not sure yet if we want to incorporate letterboxing gathers into the mix, but I guess we have plenty of time to decide that later.

Thanks for coming along for the ride...and what a ride it was! Can't wait to pack my bag again...


Ari C'rona said…
Well, that was fun reliving that part, too! I'm so ready to head out again, my friend! Think we can stand another round together? :o)