The Biggest Field Trip Ever, Part I

As I have been looking through photos that I have taken recently, it occurred to me that I have never blogged on our road trip of 2008. We are now seriously considering taking another road trip in 2010. After we returned from the first trip across the country, I quickly determined that I had not only snapped too many photos to handle with any ease, but that I didn't have a way to create a slideshow to share. Consequently, I didn't share my favorites of the trip, save for some that I uploaded to MySpace. Well, now I am a member of Fotki (which I recommend for photo hosting, by the way) I would like to present the first of two slideshows of, what I think are, the best photos of our 8,311 mile journey across the country.

We headed out from Western Washington, and traveled through Boise, Idaho, then onto Utah, Salt Lake City, Arches Nat'l Park and Moab, then down through the southwest stopping in Colorado and New Mexico. We enjoyed the Aztec Ruins, Mesa Verde Nat'l Park and Roswell. From there we started heading east into Texas, stopping at the Witte Museum in San Antonio and then onto Houston to visit our friend Dewberry. Next was Louisiana with a stop in New Orleans and eastward onto Mississippi where we stayed for five nights with my mother-in-law in Lucedale, Mississippi. We backtracked a bit to make a stop in Clinton, LA, to visit with Mama Cache and her lovely family before trekking into Alabama to take a fabulous tour of the Coast Guard facility in Mobile with Jeff, aka X Marks the Spot.

And that was the half-way point...


Kaaren said…
Baby foxes and Birds and Tipsy Potato-Heads, Oh My!
Ari C'rona said…
That was fun to relive! When did you say we're going again?

I'm so glad you posted these here, my dear!

**love the 'tipsy potato-heads, Kaaren!