Well, here I sit...

I don't remember the last time I stayed home from shul...actually stayed home. I've traveled on the Shabbos, and have been sick myself at home, but not stayed home because of someone else being sick. This time it's Tay. I'm not altogether sure he is really sick or just feeling tired. *grumble, grumble* So, here I am at home; Morgan's none to happy about it, either, I have to say. We are hopeful that Rob and Alex return quickly from their fishing trip so we can scoot on to shul at least for a little bit.

So, what does one do when at home and can't really do much of anything? I am resting, that's what! Can't really do laundry or clean up much...can't shop (which is good, I don't have any money, anyway!). I have compared religions and denominations online until I'm cross-eyed, I've looked for new playlist music, I've hung out on facebook too long...aaaaaAHHHHH!

I think I'll go carve, or read. I could take a nap, I suppose (I'm not much of a napper, to be honest). ::sigh::

I did find this online that I thought was funny:


Ari C'rona said…
Love the cartoon! Thanks for letting me be bored with you this afternoon, my friend! :o)