June 5, 2009

MISSION REPORT: Starlight Parade

Last Saturday evening, we were thrilled to be a part of the annual Portland Starlight Parade. We had a wonderful time, although it was a lot of standing around and waiting. I wasn't able to have my camera, so I am disappointed that I don't have more pics to show. I did snag these three that I found googling; they are from someone who was in the audience!

There were 250,000 estimated in attendance. We marched with the 501st Garrison Titan and both the Alpha Base and Kashyyyk Base of the Rebel Legion; probably 45-50 of us in all. We had Vader, of course, and Stormtroopers, Bounty Hunters, Twileks, Jedi, Pilots, Han, and several Leias. The route was about 2-ish miles long, and I thought my feet would be more sore, but it was fine.

I think the biggest thrill was going past the cameras, and I even had a friend tell me that she saw me on TV! It was fun waving to the crowd and brandishing my lightsaber through the streets of Portland. Just wish I would have been able to have my camera...


Ari C'rona said...

Cool! I'm glad there were a few pics to snag! We do have fun trooping, don't we? :o)

Mole said...

Oh, good. You didn't have to use a drawing after all to capture the fun. ;-)