Got disk space?

There seems to be a recurring problem happening with followers of this, and I'm sure other, blogs and websites that require quite a bit of temporary disk space on your computer to view them. Here's a cry for help:

"I'm really enjoying being subscribed to SHH's blog but now every time I go to her blog my computer goes crazy. When I X out of her blog IE7 for some reason tries to reopen it in not 1 but 8 tabs simultaneously. The weird thing is it only happens with her blog and no one elses. At first I thought I must be hitting a button somewhere or something, but now I just think my computer is obsessed with SHH..."

Unfortunately, this is not the only reader this has happened to; I have heard from several and just got another message this morning that it happened to another poor soul. Having to shut your computer totally down is such a pain, especially when all you wanted to do was read your daily blogs.

Here is the solution, and I hope this helps. A friend's dear husband took the time to figure out the problem and point us all in the right direction...thanks!

This is Snail Mail's husband. I took a look at it and found that the problem was that the amount of disk space allowed for temporary Internet files was set too low for my wife's computer. Some of these web pages need a lot of temporary file storage and this PC was running out of space in the temporary folder. I adjusted the setting and it took care of the problem. If you want to try this you can go to "Tools" on the menu bar. From there go to "Internet Options" and look for the "Temporary Internet Files" section and select "Settings". From there you can adjust the amount of space allowed for temporary files. I have this one set for 2000 MB but you can probably get away with something smaller like 300 MB if you don't have much disk space. Hope this helps.

Thanks and hugs to all who are reading and enjoying both of my blogs! As you probably know, I am having way too much fun...way more than I thought I would. Who knew writing could be so enjoyable?