This Jedi reviews Star Trek

My dear friend and I went to see this new installment of the Star Trek universe last night...$10 to get in! I can't believe it...sheesh! Despite the sticker shock, we completely and thoroughly enjoyed the ride!

We laughed at so many of the nods toward the original characters; very well done, not cheesy at all. The costumes were fabulous, the special effects were even better and the actors just nailed it. Being someone who has watched Star Trek for years, but not truly considered a 'trekkie', I didn't see any continuity issues; the movie seemed to follow all the rules, as it were.

I hated the villian, but that's all good, right? And I enjoyed loving and hating Kirk for his cockiness, but that's the way it should be, as well! Spock, who is my favorite Star Trek character (always has been), was absolutely brilliant. Fascinating.

It would be highly entertaining to see this movie in IMAX, as I have heard it is showing in IMAX all over the country. Wonder how much that ticket price is...

Star Trek v. Star Wars


Ari C'rona said…
I agree - it was totally cool! Spock was perfect - it's a must see for any who watched all those old, cheesy episodes! :o)
Sue KuKu said…
I have heard amazing things about this movie. Glad to hear from you -- your opinion means something to me!

I will be going soon.

Kaaren said…
I am off tomorrow. Maybe my hubby and I will catch a matinee while the kids are at school!