Photo-of-the-Day: 5 Cent Grocery

I'm always fascinated by old buildings, especially abandoned ones. You can hear the ghosts, if you stop and listen that is. We stumbled upon this one the day we drove out to Poulsbo.

The faded sign said 'Waals 5 cent Grocery'...imagine that. I accidentally got Speeder in this shot, and I kinda like the unexpectedness of it.

As I got nearer to the building, ignoring the No Trespassing sign (as usual), I could smell the mustiness of the years. I wonder who was the last one to lock up, and did they know they were the last? Did they pause to reminisce the past?


Mole said…
I love these pics. I wonder how many hands grabbed that door handle? It reminds me of old thresholds, worn in the middle from countless steps across them.

Oh, have I some places to show you if you are up for an adventure into the 1850's.
Anonymous said…
These are wonderful photos. I love the sepia tones :)

Ari C'rona said…
Those turned out cool! Great eye, my friend! :o)