*insert pinball machine sounds here*

art by Charles Bell

The space of time that started with the planning of Passover to now has been quite a ride. It seems like we've been bouncing, ricocheting back and forth like a pinball from one event to another, not really recovering from each at all. Perhaps I'm just getting old and can't deal with the behind the scene emotions anymore. I always have prided myself at being able to handle stress well, even performing best while under stress and time restraints...maybe I've used it up!

In an effort to capture fleeting thoughts and give them someplace to live (other than in my cluttered mind), I'll record them here...
The continuing saga of Artee, RT-C7 Republic Transport (aka my new Sedona minivan), seems to be at an end. After seven months of it being in the shop more than in my driveway, it now sports a new main computer, a new transmission computer, a new transmission, a new speed input sensor and a newly attached ground wire that was the cause of all the problems. Gosh, I think the repair costs, both parts & labor, was more than what I paid for the vehicle. Good thing it was still under warranty! I pray that this time is the last time it will visit the dealership, although I'll miss some of the people I've befriended there...

My community. Well, I guess there is just not much to say about this; it's all a jumbled mess of thoughts about leadership, shammashim, the 'unlovelies', and my place in it all. So much prayer, thought, meditation and tears have been poured out...will it amount to anything? Oh, I have faith, but I do wish life within a close community was a little easier. ::sigh::

I would really like to devote more time to being a part of the local Star Wars costuming community, but functions seem to run in conflict with other, higher priority obligations. This is unfortunate; I really enjoy this aspect of my life. (I guess this bullet is just a kvetch...sorry!)

Health issues seem to be crowding into my thoughts, too. My dear Padawan is undergoing some additional testing today, and I am praying and hoping that she is given a clean bill of health. Meanwhile, my hubby has revealed that he has an awfully painful abscessed tooth and didn't want to go to the dentist to have it looked at...argh! After some fancy dancing on my part, he is going tomorrow, so we will see what transpires. If that weren't enough, Morgan is insistent that she needs glasses, and we will be going to the eye doctor as soon as they will see us. And to top it all off, as if with a cherry, Rose is back taking chemo (orally this time) and we will be taking her to appointments again, starting tomorrow. Bless her heart; she is scared, and I don't blame her.

There is a bright spot, though; Lisa and I have been working out since January, and are really feeling more fit than ever! We really enjoy doing yoga along with our time at Curves three times a week. I have recently discovered Budokon, which is a combination of yoga, martial arts and meditation, and am hoping to expand on this path when possible. Although I don't seem to have lost much weight in this journey, I definitely feel more alive, healthy, flexible and strong...that's all good!

Well, I think that's enough rambling for now. Come to think of it, I used to like to play pinball...

Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. And let endurance have its perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing. But if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all generously and without reproach, and it will be given to him. (The Book of James)


Mole said…
Yes, but when you used to like playing pinball, you were not the ball!

Ari C'rona said…
Yes, it's been quite a time, hasn't it? I'm glad I could be there to share the not so pleasant along with the great times, my dear. :o)
Hendel D'bu said…
UPDATE: Rob had the tooth extracted, and all is well. Just an infection, not an abscess.

Lisa is doing well after her procedure...so far, so good :-)

Rose is doing well on the oral chemo, and will be continuing for another week, then a week off. She is feeling as well as can be expected, better really, taking chemo.

Baruch HaShem! :-)