I wanna Comment Box!

Well, I suppose that could be considered a 'comment box', but that's not really what I had in mind!

I have spent several hours trying to put a space on my carving blog where folks can put a comment, a general thought or opinion; usually called a comment box or shout box. ::sigh:: Just can't seem to make it happen, however. I'm a little concerned about all the 'sites' I've signed up for, only to discover it wasn't what I wanted. I just want a simple comment box that scrolls down as comments are added, and that everyone can see. How hard can that be? I suppose if I were a code whiz, I could create one...but, unfortunately, I'm not.

I've played around with guestbooks, as well...but they don't seem to fit the bill, either. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong (actually, the possibility is very good!).


If you have any ideas or a solution for me, I'd greatly appreciate it!


Kaaren said…
So, rather than a comment per post, you want something in the sidebar, right? I've seen that on someone's blog. I'll try to find it.