I hate shopping.

I hate it...really.

But it makes me feel so much better just saying it! lol!

We have been shopping all this week, it seems. In actuality, the shopping for the wedding buffet for Bill & Lisa's wedding started on Wednesday. And then there is the wedding attire required for the children, as the boys have grown out of their last sets of 'special occasion' clothing and Morgan always needs some sort of finishing touches to her outfit of choice. Padawan needed some shopping help as well, so Morgan and I had some fun making her try on things just outside her comfort zone. *smile* And, let's not forget the weekly food shopping for the household... aaaaahhhhh!

So, I am so sick of shopping, parking lots, traffic jams, spending money, keeping receipts straight, and looking for things that don't exist or are not stocked in this season. Ugh. I always end up wanting to slap someone...usually the store buyers.

There was one bright spot, though: I found a pair of $90 boots on sale for $7.49 and they are so cool I can't stand it. *big smile*


Mole said…
How in the world do you take the mundane to its highest heights? But, you do, you know!
So, go give those boots a little stroke for me, and tell them I said, "Hello."
They aren't moleskine, are they?
Ari C'rona said…
I concur... shopping is not on the top of my list right now. :o)