Did someone say 'cheaper'?

OK, so we are all feelin' the pinch; gas prices are going back up, food prices are rising faster than I can keep track and the boys need new shoes...cha-ching!

There are a lot of ways to save money, I suppose. I think I need some reminding. I don't waste money, or spend frivolously, but it would seem that we need to 'trim the fat' a little more. One of the things we are doing is shopping for food at WalMart, as opposed to our regular grocery stores, Fred Meyer and Safeway. A friend told me that she wouldn't be able to feed her family if it weren't for WalMart, and I scoffed at the thought. "Could it really be that much cheaper?" I asked.

The answer is a resounding YES! We, the kids and I, were dumbfounded at the savings on every item that we put in our cart as we strolled down each aisle in our new local WalMart. I think, that first shopping trip, we must have saved close to $50 (for our weekly shopping) over what we would have spent for the same items at Fred's. And, mind you, that is for the name brand items, not the Sam's brand.

Am I the last one to know this?

I have also noticed that McDonald's has substantially lowered prices for meals as of late, and has begun charging $1 per drink (any size). What?? The soda pop is one of the highest profit items in a fast food restaurant - I can't believe they would cut profit like that! Some of the meals are so cheap that you could feed your family for less than it would cost to prepare a home-cooked meal. Now, I'm not advocating that you eat at McD's...far from it. You could seriously add some pounds to your frame in a red-hot hurry eating there. I'm just surprised at the way things are going.

The prices at Sonic must be pretty good, as I see a lot of people eating there. I wouldn't know, since I haven't been able to go to our new Sonic that opened four weeks ago just five minutes from my house. Why? Well, I just don't want to sit in a line for 30 - 60 minutes to eat at Sonic. *shrug* I heard that folks are coming from all over the state, the region even, to get their own cherry limeade.

Even keeping the kids in clothing and shoes is a struggle. We used to buy shoes pretty 'cost-effectively' at Payless. However, the last time I went in to see what they had, I was unpleasantly surprised at the rising prices. So, I guess we wait for BOGO to buy shoes now. ::sigh:: We shop at Sears for clothing, usually, and find some good deals on the clearance racks. (When you can wait a few weeks and buy the same item on sale for half off the original price, why would anyone pay full price?) The thrift stores are another option, but even their prices have gone towards the sky (especially Goodwill). You can buy a new pair of jeans at WalMart for what you might pay for second-hand at some thrift stores. *shaking head*

And, don't even talk to me about gas prices. Here in Washington State, we are always higher than the national average price per gallon, thanks to our friends in the state capitol. Grrrrrr....

It's no wonder folks are going into foreclosure.

Got a good idea for saving money? Let me in on your secret money-saving tips!


Mole said…
My latest money-saving notes to self:
- take care not to wash contacts down the sink
- make sure all groceries make it inside (especially milk)
- return library video loans on time
- replace washing machine that gets stuck on rinse cycle
I guess not wasting money is saving money, right?
Kaaren said…
Yea, I noticed too:

Anonymous said…
We've really had to cut back since I quit working when I had Raileigh.

We always watch the grocery sale ads. Wal-Marts every day prices are lower, but if another grocery store has BOGO or puts chicken on sale, it winds up being a lot cheaper.

We buy family size packs of meat and split it up and put it into freezer bags and that saves per pound. I got one of those ziploc pumps and the baggies where you can suck all the air out. It really does keep it from getting freezer burn. I also use it for lettuce and it keeps it good MUCH longer!!

We are just really careful about leaving the lights on and use the ceiling fans and windows as much as possible.

I've also read that turning off your printer when not using it saves a lot of money.

I also started buying Tide Coldwater detergent since heating the water costs a lot more. I am pleasantly suprised at how much I like it.

When we moved to GA, we moved into a fairly large house from a 3 bedroom apt. and have actually spent about $50 less on our electric bill!!

I also use coupons. We have a baby, so we spend a lot on food (she eats at least 6 jars a day), formula (due to be not being able to produce milk), diapers, wipes, etc. So, I signed up for all of the baby brands mailing lists and get lots of samples and coupons in the mail.

Oh, and we cut out cable or dish TV. We watch movies we have, but don't pay the outrageous prices for TV! I miss it sometimes, but really, we just go outside more!

That's all I can come up with now, but I'm sure I can think of more if I try :)

Hendel D'bu said…
Desi, you're awesome! And a wonderful wife & mother, I might add!

I'm impressed :-)
Anonymous said…
aaaawwww.... Thanks!! I just came back to add energy efficient light bulbs. They're expensive to buy, but quickly pay for themselves :)

Ari C'rona said…
You are so right! We paid at least 30 cents less per gallon for gas in Idaho this week compared to our own state.