audio-phile, noun: a devotee of high-fidelity sound reproduction, as from recordings.

I am definitely an audiophile. I have heard that your forties is the time of self-awareness and acceptance. I always knew I loved music, but it is only recently that I have acknowledged myself as an audiophile.

I can't drive without music. I can't carve without music (OK, sometimes a Star Wars movie, but mostly music!). I think, on a regular basis, that my life needs a fact, everyone's life needs a soundtrack. Is John Williams available?

I am always on the hunt for new music, music that will stir emotions or mimick what I am feeling at any one time. I mix my own CDs (doesn't everyone?) and have them for specific occassions. I have special mixes for festivals, when I'm feeling melancholy, for driving & road trippin', even mixes for when I'm feeling irritated or am fed up with life. When we went on the big road trip last spring, I made up two CDs with songs from each state we were traveling through - they are pretty funny! The selections had to say the name of the state within the song; some states have lots of songs, like Texas, but for poor states like Illinios or Montana, there just wasn't much to choose from!

At the bottom of this blog I have added a playlist. Feel free to enjoy it, or even go and make your own at Project Playlist. I just recently discovered Jesse Cook, and am enjoying his wonderful guitar playing and the light-hearted feeling his music evokes - great summertime music. If you have a favorite artist or have discovered something new and exciting, I'd sure like to I said, I'm always on the hunt for new music!


Ari C'rona said…
Thanks for taking me out of my box with the great variety of music you've exposed me to! I love all the music you've shared with me! :o)
Sven said…
From one audiophile to another, great taste in tunes. I dare not create a playlist on Project Playlist, I will be awake for the next 3 days finding music. I personally hover around 7500 songs on my iTunes at any moment, which is down a lot from the 20000+ I had at one point.