A few images from last year's Pesach seder are in order, I think. Last night, the 'other half of my brain' and I worked through most of the details over a glass of relaxation. I think we may have this down, but I don't want to get too cocky...

I didn't get many good pics last year, due to the busy-ness of it all, however I like this shot. You can see sweet Miss Rita sitting quietly, waiting for the festivities to start. She will be gracing our table again this year...we are blessed with her presence. *smile*

We do things a little differently at our seder. We hold it at the shul, due to the number of guests...there is no way I could accommodate 40+ folks at a sit-down dinner in my living room! Also, some of the friends who join us just cannot do stairs, and for that, the shul is a much better alternative.

Instead of providing all the china for the meal, I ask that everyone bring their favorite place settings. This is very fun, and makes for an eclectic table, that's for sure! They love it; they get to dust off their favorite china to use, and I don't have to bring a U-Haul to carry all the necessary dishes & stemware (a good deal all around!)

I am looking forward to the seder this year - we are always so blessed with the event. To have the opportunity to participate in a rich heritage of our people and to remember our Messiah is something I wouldn't miss.


Ari C'rona said…
I'm sure it will all come together - I do remember how much fun our guests had last year. Lookin' forward to it, too! :o)