A Journey to Tillamook - update

We made it safely in Tillamook, after a very long day in the vehicle...well, not just our vehicle, but in a tow truck, as well...

In short, we drove from Puyallup to Kelso, stopped at a McD's for a sweet tea and bathroom break, and the van (affectionately known as Artee) wasn't cooperating. It turned on fine, but would not go into reverse without dying. Managed to limp it into another parking spot away from the main doors of the restaurant, but could not get it further than that. :-(

Called AAA, met Scott, the sweet tow-truck driver, and we entertained him with Star Wars trivia all the way back to Puyallup...straight to the dealership!

Anyway, upon loading our stuff into the loaner, now named the Rattlecan, we made our way back south. After starting our journey at 9:00am, we arrived in Tillamook around 6-ish in the evening. No boxing on the way, either...oh well!

So, all's well that ends well - for today, anyway. We will find out more on Monday about Artee...::sigh::

Oh, the weather is partly cloudy, partly sunny, chilly and will probably sprinkle on us today, but we don't mind. We're on vacation on the Oregon Coast!


Mole said…
Tow truck? Nooooooooo . . .
Oh, that makes me sad. I am thankful, though, that you are on the coast.
About Artee . . . "[You] can't think about that right now. If [you] do, [you]'ll go crazy. [You]'ll think about that tomorrow [no, Monday]."