A Journey to Tillamook - doin' the Cape

Today, it is sunny, gloriously sunny! Some hazy clouds, but dry and wonderful *smile*

It is my parent's anniversary today, so we will be spending the day with them exploring the Three Capes Loop, the Cape Meares Lighthouse and anything along the way that calls to us! Cameras are at the ready, to be sure. My brother and his two boys will be arriving later this afternoon, and we are planning on having a small celebration in my parent's room with champagne, munchies and memories.

I have to say that the hotel, the Best Western in Tillamook, is very, very nice. The beds are dreamy with memory foam mattress toppers, down comforters and luscious pillows (they said I could take one home with me!). The rooms are good sized and the breakfast is even good with lots of food my Dad is just loving (biscuits & gravy...bleh!). The computer runs a little slow, but that's OK... Oh, and there is a cute little coffee shop with great lattes for only $3 a piece - no tax! We love Oregon!

We took lots of pictures yesterday, had a lot of laughs, experienced sunny and rainy weather, ate at Mo's, and all in all had a terrific time on the coast.

It doesn't get better than this...really!

Be assured that photos will be shared upon my return.


Mole said…
Hendel: "You want me to bring this luscious pillow home with me."

Hotel Manager: "I want you to bring this luscious pillow home with you."

"Happy Anniversary!" to your parents -- enjoy the rest of your stay! (Lovin' the updates.)