A Journey to Tillamook - Cannon & Connie

Today we will be enjoying all that there is to enjoy in the wonderfully unique coastal town of Cannon Beach...woohoo! If you know me at all, you know full well that Cannon is a town that is one of my all-time favorites and that I absolutely love to visit all the ghosts that wait for me there...so much history!

But, before we take in the lovely little boutiques, book stores, candy shops, gift & clothing stores, we are going to try to snag a couple of letterboxes. We will be accompanied by our friend, Connie, who is traveling with my parents on this vacation. Connie, who lost her husband a year or so ago, is pretty excited about hangin' out with a couple of Jedi for the day. I hope we don't wear her out! lol!

My parents will be spending today with my brother, Dan, who arrived last night with his two boys, Zekiah and Matthias. We had a good time with them last night, even doing a little lightsaber sparring with each of the boys - not too shabby! Zekiah has a red saber, however...I'll have to watch that one! Anyway, they will be also heading towards Cannon Beach to enjoy some beach time and maybe getting in a short hike; well, my folks will not be hiking, but Dan & the boys hike frequently and want to investigate the Tillamook Head trail, which starts in Cannon.

To finish the day properly, we are planning on a quiet dinner at Doogers in Cannon, which is a wonderful seafood & steak restaurant. I'm thinkin' a glass of wine will be in order after all the exploring and fresh air.

Unfortunately, it is not as sunny as it was yesterday (which was a complete miracle!), but it is dry and the overcast seems to be lifting a bit. Good thing we are used to grey, eh?

So, the cameras are charged up and at the ready, Connie is ready to be our Shabbos Goy and we are off! (just kidding!! lol!)


Mole said…
You crack me up! Yeah, good thing you've got Connie with you today.

Oh, my friend. How are we going to do Cannon Beach without you all? ;-) Good thing your descriptive skills are as sharp as they are.

Have a marvelous time.