Bridal Shower lovely!

On this lovely, sunny day I had the pleasure of attending the bridal shower tea of my friend Lisa. Her wedding is in a couple of weeks and the planning is hitting fever pitch! Anyway, showers are really not my favorite functions to attend (shhhhh! don't tell!), but some things you just have to do...y'know?

I was pleasantly surprised at the creativity and fresh perspective of this shower. You may of heard of this before, but I hadn't...and loved it! There were five table hosts for the shower; they each set and decorated their 6-person table for tea. They were each so unique and lovely! I just enjoyed soaking up each hosts personality in how they chose to decorate their table.

A couple of the hosts really enjoy all the details of giving a tea, as well as going to tea rooms. Paulette, one of the hosts, has everything you could possibly imagine to 'pour out' a most appropriate and proper tea. She graciously provided the lovely silver teapot warmers for each of the tables. (I had the pleasure of enjoying the tea set below at Sheri's table.)

As usual, I amused myself with the happy task of attempting to capture the feel of the event. These tulips and candles were just lovely on Cynthia's table.

Karen's table was very creative, as she really loves to garden and incorporated a garden theme into her design.

The sweets that went with our tea was just as well thought out and oh-so-yummy! I typically don't take pics of food, so you don't get to see the wonderful little cupcakes filled with real whip cream, the brownie bites that were so tempting or the ever-popular chocolate chip cookies.

It was definitely one of the more enjoyable showers I have been to as of late - the most unexpected, to be sure. The hardest part about this shower, I'd have to say, was choosing which table to sit at!

Lisa, the beautiful bride to be, was absolutely thrilled and a little uncomfortable being the center of attention.

I told her to get over it! lol!


Mole said…
*smile* You know I'm loving this! Thanks for telling it all so beautifully.