'09 Seder a Success!

Well, another Passover seder successfully executed! Lisa took some good pics while I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get everything in place...thanks Lisa! You're awesome!

The food was a little over-cooked, the candle blessing needed a "do-over!" and we were short a couple of place settings, but all in all, it was a wonderful time for everyone. *smile*

Now, if I could get everything down into a "lessons learned" before I forget, it will be even better next year!

I did manage to snap a few of the 44 beautiful souls that shared the festival with us:

Shannon & Brooks, coming down from Canada to spend time with us!

I was so happy to have Raina & Ken with us this year.

The betrothed Bill & Lisa (their wedding is slated for May 3rd!)

Fairly new to our shul is Henry & Pam - we were thrilled to have them! And below is the lovely Miss Rita and Linda McDowell.

I am blessed and honored to have been able to host a seder again this year. I could not have done it without the help of my beloved Lisa, Miss Katie and Netanya. I owe a special thanks to the cleanup crew, especially those who washed dishes (way to go, Susan & Chris!).

Baruch HaShem!


Ari C'rona said…
You did an awesome job coordinating the whole thing, my friend! I'm honored to have been able to help you get it together as I am every year. I've heard nothing but positive comments from those who partook with us.

You're the best! I love you! :o)
Mole said…
So pleased to hear that things went well for you all. You were in my thoughts all evening. ;-)