thank you, tHanK yOu, THANK YOU!

I just want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU! to all my readers and those who occassionally pop in to check out my blog. I appreciate all who stop by and hope that I provide a little smile, wisdom and interest to their day. I am always excited to read comments, leave one!

I want to give a big hug of THANKS! to the sweet soul who surprised me with a gift certificate for Stampeaz. You absolutely made a sour day more sweet. I could not believe it - how wonderful! Not too many know that I have been procrastinating on purchasing new carving material, and that I desperately need some (I even 'borrowed' a slab from Padawan to get me by, and still owe her). When I received the message from Webfoot, I immediately went and purchased my favorite 'White, Grade A' PZKut. Can't wait to get it, too!

I thank HaShem especially for providing me with a wonderful best friend. How could I live without her? She is always there when I need her, always supportive, always wanting to know how I'm doing and if she can do anything to make things a little easier for me. She is my assistant, my right hand and the other half of my brain. I sometimes feel guilty that I just don't come up to that level of loyalty for her; in those times, I vow to myself to try harder to be there when she needs me. So, thank you, Lisa, for being such a wonderful best friend.

I want to say THANK YOU! to so many for their love and support; my husband, my parents, my sisters, friends who care - both far and near, the leadership of our congregation. Without you, my life would be barren, dull and dry.

Toda! Toda rabah!


Ari C'rona said…
Well, now, I'm thoroughly humbled, my dear friend. Please, please don't feel guilty! You have shown me what loyalty really means, you know. I thank HaShem daily for you and the many life lessons you've taught me. Toda rabah, ha khavrah sh'li meod! :o)
Mole said…
In an attempt to edit my original post, the following notice was placed in its stead: “This post has been removed by the author.” Groan. That looks horrible. Somebody make it go away!

My friend, if you ever return to check the comments here again, then let me give you something to read. ;-)

Once I emerge into the daylight each morning, I do many things, not the least of which is head to your blog. It’s as though I have a prescription that reads, “To be taken daily with meals and at bedtime.”

You are the one to be thanked.