Spring makes me want to...

Gosh, isn't it springtime yet?? Will it ever come to the PNW?

I can smell it in the air, the smell of green, of new life bursting forth. Someone once told me that if you could actually hear all the plants growing and budding, it would be deafening...interesting to ponder, huh? I did see a lot of pollen dusting my car a couple of days ago, before we had more snow on Shabbat. *smirk*

Spring makes me want to...

buy a tree to plant in the yard

wash my car in the driveway

pack all my turtlenecks away, (but I never do! lol!)

get a pedicure in anticipation of wearing sandals

enjoy not feeling freezing-cold

paint somewhere in the house - no worries, this one passes quickly!

take a road trip (actually, every season makes me feel this way!)

roll the windows down in the car and turn the music up

buy an iced latte

smell what the air smells like when it's warmed by the sun

find my sunglasses

find a letterbox

plant a letterbox

eat outside

take pictures of flowers

enjoy the sound of the lawn mowers, both far and near

stand on my balcony after everyone is in bed for the night and listen to the crickets

look for butterflies

take the kids for a Slurpee

find a large body of water to walk by

skip school for the day and go hiking somewhere

explore someplace new

purge my closet and cut my hair - new beginnings!

plan a vacation

take a walk in the sunshine

Yeah...sunshine. Won't that be nice?


Camp Fire Lady said…
Careful what you wish for my friend. Miniles and I thought we would set out on a nice Spring day to do some letterboxing and amoung other things, her beautiful Mini Cooper didn't fare so well.
Baqash said…
hmmm, this bridge looks familiar
Hendel D'bu said…
That bridge is in a seldom visited park just outside Raymond, WA...very cool place. I think I need to go plant some boxes there, actually. :-)