"Powerful form it is...deadliest of all."

In preparation for receiving our new lightsabers from SaberForge, I have been doing a little research of combat styles, who practiced them and why. In reading about the various lightsaber combat forms, I (of course) lean toward Soresu (Form III), the fighting style of my hero Obi-Wan Kenobi.

While googling different lightsaber combat sites, I just couldn't resist a quiz that determined the best combat style for me and my philosophy. To say I was surprised at the result would be an understatement, I think!

You Scored as Form VII: Juyo/ Vaapaad

Dubbed the "Way of the Vornskr," Form VII was an incomplete form for millennia. It was further developed by Jedi Master Mace Windu, who could complete it with his, "Vaapaad" style. The most challenging and demanding of all forms, Form VII requires extreme, intense focus, high levels of skill, and mastery of other forms. Only two Jedi have ever mastered Form VII fully, Mace Windu and Depa Billaba. One other Jedi, Sora Bulq, mastered its physical aspects but was overwhelmed by the required mental discipline. Form VII, when fully mastered, results in extraordinary power.

I scored 78% Vaapad and 64% Soresu as the top two matches for my answers.

More information about Vaapad:
Form VII - Juyo/Vaapad (Vomskr)
The ultimate form of lightsaber combat which combines the raw strength of Form V with the graceful movement of Form IV. Only advanced Jedi masters such as Mace Windu can use this form effectively due to the huge emotions involved in wielding it. Such is the emotional involvement that many Jedi refuse to study Form VII because it comes too close to the Dark Side of the force. Force assisted jumps and other movements feature heavily in Form VII as do series of sudden, seemingly unrelated, movements. A form VII practitioner will appear utterly calm on the surface but inside is a seething cauldron of emotions.

Here's Obi-Wan's style:
Form III - Soresu (Mynock)
This form was developed specifically to counter the threat from laser blasts. As laser blasters spread throughout the galaxy Jedi had to learn to deflect/reflect laser blasts whilst offering the smallest possible target area. From this Form III was born. After the death of Qui-Gon Jinn this form was adopted and studied carefully by Obi Wan Kenobi. Many regard a true master of Form III as almost invincible. A truly defensive form.

Perhaps I should have ordered a purple blade, eh?

Wanna find out what your combat style would be? Copy this address into your browser...be sure to leave me a comment as to your result!



Ari C'rona said…
I'm sure you'll be shocked at my form... Form 1. Here's what it said (misspellings aren't mine):

You Scored as Form I- Shii-cho

Is the most easy form and is the first that you must learn. The objective is disarm the oponnent and is very good against big numbers. "It is simple, and its simplicity is strength."
Ari C'rona said…
Yep, Form VII - sounds like an 'all or nothing' type form to me... :o)