Livin' @ the Library

Yeah, I'm livin' at the library...well, kinda. Since my computer is going to the 'doctor' tomorrow, I will be coming to the library on a regular, daily basis. Our library lets you stay on a computer for one hour, so that's good for checking email and messages from the various sites I frequent, as well as updating the blog.

I am very thankful that I have a library very close to my home and that they have lots of computers for public use.

Oh, and I will not be able to change out the sidebar until I get back on my personal computer, so for that, I apologize. I sure miss playin' with pics and quotes every morning!


Ari C'rona said…
Let's hope Gary can fix it soon, my friend! :o)
Baqash said…
I had to go w/out internet for 3 days last week. Thought I was having the DTs. I feel your pain my friend, but it does end. And yes, the library was my friend.