Just some of the wildlife along the way

More pics from the Biggest Field Trip Ever, last May-June...gosh, that was so much fun! I loved seeing all the wildlife along the way. Here's a sampling:

A turtle crossing the road in beautiful Mississippi. We had to hop out and help him cross the road, as Tay was afraid he was gonna get run over. He had to pose for pics first, though.

The kids decided this was the ugliest chicken they had ever seen...I'm not even sure it's a chicken, to be honest! He was hangin' out at the Witte Museum in San Antonio, Texas.

This little guy was enjoying the hot sun at the Aztec Ruins in New Mexico. I like lizards :-)

A couple of shots of deer along the way; the first is a pic of a sweet deer we saw in the prairie in South Dakota, and the second is some deer bedded down in the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming.

Here are some cute little babies peekin' out - don't you just love them? Their home is the prairie of South Dakota.

A close-up view of a bison in Yellowstone - you can get so close, but I prefer the zoom myself. We all agreed that the shedding fur was not all that attractive.

I'm gonna take a stab and say that this little guy is a Golden Mantled Squirrel (or Chipmunk, I can't remember!)...we did look it up at the time. He was extremely tame and wanted to get closer than was comfortable! We were exploring the waterfalls in Yellowstone when we found him.

And my personal favorite - the prairie dogs! On the way to Devil's Tower, Wyoming, Lisa had just said that she hoped we would come across prairie dogs, and the next turn, we found ourselves in the middle of a prairie dog town! They were absolutely everywhere - very, very cool. Aren't they cute?


Ari C'rona said…
Oh, what great memories! That was fun to look at those again - they take me right back to each place. :o)