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How much can you cram into 12 hours?

What a day yesterday! A day out of the house...I didn't realize, until we got home, that we had been out and about for 12 hours going from one thing to another. Thankfully, every errand is better with a good friend.

7:30 am - awake for coffee & yoga *aaaahhhhh*

9:30 am - Padawan shows up to start the mission. Drive to Rose's house to pick her up for her colonoscopy appointment after filling up Speeder with much needed fuel (gosh, I hate those little tedious details!)

10:15 am - load up Rose and transport her to the medical center; engage in an challenging conversation about freedom in the waiting room, resulting in annoying the other patients. Happily depart after seeing Rose into the care of the medical staff (the other patients were happy, as well).

10:45 am - having an hour and a half to kill, head to the nearest Jamba Juice to use the $1 coupons that were floating around in Speeder...yummy! I recommend the oatmeal and a carrot-orange-banana 16-ouncer. As we meandered the mall, I found a book called 1,001 Pearls of Wisdom that I had to purchase; that will be put to good use, to be sure.

12:30 pm - arrive back at the medical clinic to pick up Rose; she's not quite ready so we engage in a discussion about travel with two very nice gentlemen in the waiting room.

1:00 pm - off to run Rose's errands; Trader Joe's & Fred Meyer...Rose likes the free samples of fruit at Fred's.

1:45 pm - watch Rose ascend her staircase back to her apartment then immediately head to Forza for a hot Venetian! Then, we are off...right into a major traffic snarl. ::sigh::

2:30 pm - finally arrive on the freeway heading south towards our destination: the Letterbox of the Month down in Olympia. It was a great one this time from Mn8X. We completely and totally enjoyed the sunshine and dodging the landscape workers.

3:30 pm - heading back towards Tacoma now, and on the way quiz each other on Star Wars trivia (we have a great book for this called Obsessed with Star Wars - very fun!). Realizing we are rather hungry, we head towards Commencement Bay and one of our favorite restaurants. We guiltily order a specialty champagne drink, wasabi tuna quesadilla and cajun chicken corn chowder in a sourdough bowl from our favorite servers...mmmmm!

5:00 pm - hmmm...then what? Oh! Then we drove to Point Defiance Park and enjoyed the sunshine and views of Puget Sound and the Narrows Bridge on the 5-mile drive. How wonderful - it was still daylight! Nothing like enjoying the beautiful Pacific Northwest and solving the world's problems with your best friend.

6:00 pm - heading back to the shopping mecca, we hit the Goodwill in search of additional workout gear and jeans. Limited success *shrug*...but lots of weird stuff! (I find going to the thrift store to be a total overload of senses on all levels!)

7:30 pm - remembering that Sears had a lot of stuff on clearance, we make our way back to South Hill...yeah, we found a few pieces here, too.

8:30 pm - back to the parking lot and back home. After bringing in Padawan's sewing machine, etc. in preparation for our Jedi tunic sewing marathon, we bid each other farewell, feeling satisfied that we squeezed every last ounce of time out of the day.

It was a good day - Baruch HaShem!


Mole said…
"I wonder what Piglet is doing," thought Pooh.
"I wish I were there to be doing it, too."

Not wondering anymore. ;-) Glad to hear you two had such a nice and full day. Thanks for sharing.
Ari C'rona said…
Wow - we did cram a lot in yesterday! I thoroughly enjoyed my day with you, dear Hendel! :o)

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