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Zeitgeist, the signs of the times, aren't lookin' real good right now.

For the past couple of days, I've been under the weather. I don't know about you, but when I'm sick, I usually end up watching quite a bit of television. Unfortunately for me, I don't like sitcoms, soap operas or reality shows particularly, so I end up watching the news. And I have to tell you, it isn't good.

Our new president has admitted to 'screwing up' in his nominations of two cabinet positions. That's forgivable, but gosh, let's not have people in high-ranking positions have tax evasion problems, OK? And, how 'bout that stimulus plan? I thought we were taking a stand against unneeded pork spending? Someone needs to give our lauded Speaker of the House a swift kick in the well-suited behind, if you ask me.

I am so disappointed at the corruption in our just seems so much worse than usual. Or perhaps when the other party is in power, they are more discreet. *shrug*

Our ecomony is in the toilet, and we are quickly taking the world with us. Our president is hard to trust when he says one thing and acts another. Every plan to help to make our problems better seem to be taking us down a path of more government control. The pundents don't make me feel any better when they keep harping on our downward spiral towards socialism. Sheesh...I hate being sick.

Thinking I would brighten my view by changing the channel, I landed on a commercial for "NatGeo" (as they call National Geographic now) and was faced with the ongoing rhetoric about evolution...will the liberals just give everything a rest...please?


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