Weekend in review

This weekend has been full. A few notable gems to be hoarded for further pondering...

surprise diamond earrings

one giant loaf of challah

early morning drive to Miracle Ranch

a leisurely hour of killing time reading in a park

some friendly sarcasm to start things off

the comfort of the liturgy

a word search of diversity

a crisis of smashed toes

three stamps carved

another drive to Miracle Ranch

potential skewering narrowly avoided

conversing with eyes-only

the protection and care of close friends

the understanding of my Padawan

the music of Harry Connick Jr.

sharing the joy of the old dances with some really good dancers

sisterly conversation over the best mongolian grill

the fact that you can never have too many shoes

*nodding* Now, that's livin'...


asl4god said…
Sounds like you had a great weekend.... I especially like the part about the Mongolian Grill conversations....and, I'll admit it...the part about not having too many shoes, especially when they're boots. ;-) I had a blast!! Thanks for hanging out!! Love you!!!!