Snippets from here and there

Today I feel good, I feel strong. Quiet, but good.

The Tu b'Shvat celebration went well yesterday. There was lots of good food to eat, friends to shmooze with and everything went off without a hitch. We did not have a big crowd this year, for some reason. That's OK, I like cozy :-)

This winter has been rather slow. The weather has been cold and dreary, lots of snow off and on and just plain boring. However, I have the distinct feeling that this time is now passing away, and things will start to warm up again with activities and purpose. I have been asked to coordinate the celebration of renewing vows for a couple in the shul that have been married for seven years. Only a short six months to get that all planned and details in place. Also, Purim is coming in just three weeks or so, with Passover quickly on it's heels.

Norwescon is also approaching, which means a bit of sewing will have to take place before April, and my mother is making sounds like she wants to take a family-type trip to the coast around the same time. There is just something about spring that makes everyone and everything come back to, it's not spring yet, but I'm willing it to come quicker!

There has been some good that has come from this quiet time; Lisa and I have been working out at our local Curves. Well, it's really my local Curves, and (bless her heart) she drives all the way out here to exercise with me. I'm so glad! We have been at it for a month or so now, and both of us are feeling so much stronger. We also have started the practice of yoga, which we both enjoy way more than we thought we would - addicting, it is. I absolutely love it, and highly recommend Rodney Yee, if you are looking to purchase a video on the subject. Most excellent, I have to say! It has facilitated some of the best deep meditation I have ever experienced.

So, there's the snippets for today...not much, really. But, I will leave you with a picture of my heart's longing: to be at the beach...