Gettin' in the mood...

This evening is the first meeting with a couple from the shul that are renewing their wedding vows - seven years of marriage and seven kids later (yes, it's a blended family), they have decided they need to do things up right. I'm honored to have been asked to coordinate the celebration!

I think about my own wedding; Rob and I decided to tie the knot officially on Kauai, Hawaii, at the beautiful Kauai Lagoons. The ceremony took place in a beautiful gazebo that was out over one of the lagoons. It was the most beautiful place I have ever been - flowers and lush green trees, lovely landscaping, birds singing and the air smelled like fruit and flowers. It was rather hot that day, and poor Rob was wearing black tails...ah, how handsome he was that day. The thing I remember most was the vidographer and photographers telling to kiss again; every pose, "OK, now kiss!" We were laughing - we probably had never kissed so much in our year long relationship as we did that day!

In honor of my mother, we had a solo guitar player sing the Hawaiian Wedding Song, and though it sounds cheesy, it was wonderful and romantic.

We coincided our wedding in Hawaii with a vacation my parents were taking with some friends of theirs. It worked out great because my folks got to be at the wedding and their friends acted as witnesses. They had a fabulous time going to Hilo Hatties to purchase matching Hawaiian clothes to wear to the wedding. *smile*

My parents got married while my Dad was serving in the Army in Germany. This is the only picture from their wedding. I'm not sure of the year, but I'm guessin' 1960 or 1961, as I was born in 1965.

So, that gets my mind in the right place to start the planning for Emily and Larry. So many details and so little time; the renewal is slated for July. (Good thing I have my Padawan to help remember everything!)

Mazel Tov!


Jessica said…
This is SUPER EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Camp Fire Lady said…
You are absolutely gorgeous in your wedding gown! How lucky you are to have your wedding in Paradise!
Kaaren said…
Beautiful wedding photos.