I am a maker and collecter of Artist Trading Cards. In my world, we call them "Letterboxer Trading Cards", because they are made by letterboxers and they must have a hand-carved stamp featured on the card. I have made hundreds, even thousands of these cards, and enjoy the hobby immensely (samples shown are a few of my cards). I also collect them from other artists and letterboxers, and have a collection numbering (also) in the thousands.

So, here's the confession: I HATE LOGGING THEM! Yes, that's right, I said 'hate'. I know, that's pretty strong, but it is the only way I can adequately describe the feeling of dread that comes over me the second after I enjoy receiving them in the mail. If I were a disciplined person, I would immediately make my way to the computer, sign into to my favorite letterboxing site and let these wonderful friends know how much I love their efforts, thus easing their minds that their hard work arrived safe and sound in my care. But, I don't do that...I procrastinate. As I am typing this, I must have 200+ of these gems sitting just mocking me. "'s gonna take you forever to log all of us!" Ugh.

I truly enjoy each and every envelope that comes my way. It's a surprise and a thrill to see different interpretations of a swap theme or to marvel at the carving skills of the many carvers across this country that I have the privilege to know. So much art contained on just a 2-1/2" x 3-1/2" piece of cardstock - it can be like drinking in art of an artist in a ritzy gallery, right in the chaos of my craftroom. There are some that you can feel the very essence of the artist right in your hand...heady.

I have cards from every type of person, every walk of life. From men, women, teens and children - all are appreciated and all have a special place in my collection. I enjoy watching the newer artists expand their skill and creativity over time and I absolutely love to see what the more accomplished artists come up with that's new and fresh. But...

...then it's time to log. *ggrrooaann*

So, if I were to sit and log all these cards I have in front of me, it would probably take me a good three hours of tedium. Did I mention I'm not good at dealing with minutia?

What's the solution? Just a simple "thank you" to each lame. Thank you is most appropriate, but to try to put into words how each card makes me feel and how I appreciate their efforts and their trading with me - gosh, that would take me a good week solid, I think. ::sigh::

Alas, that's my confession. I have no high hopes that I will get more diligent at logging, but I do pray that people will want to continue to trade with me (and I hope they read this blog post!).


Gramatrick said…
I hate logging I don't.

Best. Love the blog!

Anonymous said…
I only log the swaps I'm in usually. I have not logged a single trade in quite some time. I don't intend too either ;0 I find it to be a bummer and puts a bit of pressure in a "hobby" that I find so relaxing. Milagro