Book Review: Clone Wars - Wild Space

I just finished reading The Clone Wars: Wild Space by Karen Miller - absolutely awesome, inspiring, hard to put down, insists on being pondered further...I've never wanted to finish a book then immediately start it again, but that is what I'm gonna do.

This story is, obviously, set just after the onset of the Clone Wars, and gives an INCREDIBLE insight into the thoughts and dialogue of our favorite characters. Obi-Wan is my all-time hero, and this is the most material I have read about him in any volume. All the characters (Anakin, Padme, Ashoka, Yoda, Mace, Palpatine) all are very true to their characters - no deviation here. All the dialogue is spot-on, entertaining and engaging. I especially enjoyed reading about Bail Organa; such a surprising character. I wasn't sure whether I liked him or not! (I'm not particularly fond of politicians, to be honest.)

The opening chapter is definitely worth the price of admission (which was $15 at Borders, paperback.)

If you are interested in Jedi philosophy, you will not be disappointed with this read. Watching it in practical action - so sweet!

I sincerely hope that this author is busy writing more Star Wars for me to read - she is a master author, no doubt.