Springtime Meditation

It is so pleasant to be able to get outside after, what seems like, such a lengthy winter. I have taken more time this last week to just sit outside. I have been enjoying meditation in different parts of my garden listening to the birds, hearing the wind chimes, and watching the ducks. I can’t imagine not being grateful for the moment – practicing metta for all that is around me is a natural response. May all the animals find what they need to nest, may the plants thrive in the sun, may the peace I feel now sustain me through times of stress and unrest. Just being in the garden, mindfully considering the springtime rebirth, is refreshingly healing after such a stretch of weather that takes your breath away and chases you back inside the house.

Chuck and I have been taking more walks in the fresh air and sunshine – we have naturally made them into more of walking meditation. Just quietly and mindfully walking allows time to note the sounds and sensations within as we stroll along - the changes in the trees and the budding flowers, the constant grazing of the deer, the arguing crows, and the scattered clouds shifting overhead. It is so pleasant and peaceful. I also enjoy the ‘summer-time’ sounds of the far-off lawn mower and snippets of music coming from inside homes with their doors open to let in fresh air. I know there is much hustle-bustle going on just a mere drive away. But for us, life is sweet and slow, with more than enough time to savor a home-cooked meal, a favorite piece of music, and a sit in the garden.

No, I never thought my life would be this way. I am savoring every moment.