Days 5: Canyons and Red Rocks

We really have been pouring it on! Yesterday started out at Kolob Canyons, kept going to Cedar Breaks, continued to Bryce Canyon and finished up with the absolutely spectacular Zion. Wow!

Photos just these natural wonders justice. But, I tried nonetheless...

got to Kolob Canyons early in the morning and the sunlight (as glorious as it was)
was not the best for photography. 

I had never heard of Cedar Breaks, but it was simply amazing.

After the stopping at the majority of the viewpoints, Bryce Point was our favorite...
I was completely wow'd and speechless with the majesty of Zion.
We were now enjoying the golden, warm afternoon sunlight, and it was breathtaking.
After all that visual stimulation, we needed nourishment. Unfortunately, we ended up at a mediocre sports pub with less-than-stellar food. So, we limped our way back to our temporary digs with our good friend Jed and his lovely wife in St. George. Here's a peek at our accommodations:

we really enjoyed spending time in their wonderful home in St. George, Utah!
I will wrap up day 5 with a priceless pic of Chuck and his best friend, Jed:


Ari C'rona said…
Love these! How you managed to cram all that into the essence of each place, I don't know. Sure love traveling with you!