Day 2: Through Idaho onto SLC

Day number two was a long driving day. Lots of scrubby landscape and incredibly awe-inspiring rock formations. Just try to imagine those forming!

Arrived in Ogden (SLC) with enough time to enjoy a little 'Rooster' and the pool. Unfortunately, there are two tour buses and a family reunion booked into our hotel, so the amenities are a little stretched. Let's hope the tours leave early tomorrow so there isn't a long line at the waffle maker!

before leaving Boise, we stopped to snap some pics of the LDS Temple there - so serene & beautiful!

then it was off to a recommended stop at Malad Gorge - wow!

lunch stop at Chili's in Twin Falls...blackberry tea for very dehydrated travelers!

next was the must see Golden Spike Historic Site

and the ATK Rocket display - so very cool despite the heat

and last, but not least, a special dinner at the Rooster Brewery in  historic Ogden - we are finally in Utah!

  • only 5 puns today (guess we used 'em all up yesterday!)
  • $4.64/gallon gas price at the only gas station in middle-of-nowhere, ID, along I-84
  • 3 LDS temples spotted
  • 1 detour to get back to the freeway
  • oops! one herd of cows in the wheat field!
  • highest point: 5,530 ft on Sweetzer Summit
  • 3 crossings of the Snake River
  • high temp: 89*...and man, it was dry!
  • 3 waterfalls photographed
  • 2 young golden eagles observed - incredible!
  • 1 flag-folding lesson for Tay at the Golden Spike Park
  • 1 $10 Nat'l Park Pass purchased
  • another bunny playing cars, also a winner
  • 2 uber-cool hat pins added to the collection
Tomorrow we will be exploring SLC and Temple Square, followed by a meal at the Maddox Ranch House - yummy!