Day 1: Home to Boise, ID

Who doesn't like a road trip?

Welcome to Road Trip 2013! This one includes Charles, Lisa, Taylor and yours truly. Since our first night found us at the hotel rather late, (day 1 is our longest travel day - 9 hours of driving), I'll just include some of my favorite pics and the required stats...

the launch - complete with new cartop carrier, GPS, Starbucks and mascots
(meet Charlie & Zoom!)
at Multnomah Falls

an excellent meal at Full Sail Brewery in Hood River

On the road!
I'd call Day 1 a success...

  • 2 drivers, 2 navigators
  • 24 puns (yes, you read that right...*groan*)
  • 1 running herd of elk spotted - I'm thinkin' Roosevelt Elk
  • 1 bunny rabbit playing cars - it won, thankfully
  • 2 trip mascots acquired
  • 1 truck stop visited
  • several people texting and driving, including a truck driver  - yikes!**
  • 3 dams sighted: Bonneville, The Dalles & John Day
  • highest point: elev. 4,882 ft. in the Blue Mountains
  • 2 salmon fish & chips and 2 veggie sandwiches consumed
  • dozens of para-sailers at Hood River
  • we found out that Pleasant Valley wasn't very pleasant 
  • high temp: 78*, with intermittent sun, heavy overcast and drizzle
  • 314 pics snapped
  • several souvenirs purchased at Multnomah Falls (which is always worth the stop)
  • and one beautiful sunset as we entered Idaho

**PLEASE! Don't text and drive! From an observers point of view, the texting driver's car is all over the road, drifting in and out of the lane, and going much slower than the rest of the traffic. JUST DON'T DO IT! No one can drive well enough to text and drive because your eyes are not on the road when texting. It is extremely dangerous!