Grateful Friday

Grateful for a new 'chair',
'cept that the cats think I got it for them!

Healing comes in waves, it would seem. I'm grateful for healing.

I'm grateful for my bestie who never falters in her support and love.

I'm grateful for the ever-present Comforter.

I'm grateful that all things pass in time.

I'm grateful for a dinner out with Lisa & Barb - it was awesome!

I'm grateful that they had gift cards floating around in their perspective purses that paid our bill!  And, grateful for those that gave them the cards, too!

I'm grateful for what little sleep I got last night!

I'm grateful for the opportunity to serve soldiers and show support (they were all so very polite!).

I'm grateful that Padawan let me drive Uty.

I'm grateful when there seems to be a tissue handy at just the right moment (usually in the car).

Not so grateful for another time of feeling quite down - the result of a few shocking revelations and events this week.  Will this ever end??

I'm grateful that it has to end someday.

I'm grateful for memories - I'd rather focus on the good ones instead of the not-so-good ones.

I'm grateful for the oblivion of sleep.

I'm grateful for another day.

I'm thankful that others are willing to share what they are grateful for...I need to hear those more than ever.

What are you grateful for this week?


Ari C'rona said…
I'm grateful for you, my dear friend.

I'm grateful for the opportunities to serve.

I'm grateful for our Great G-d - He is always there even when we don't feel or hear Him. He's small enough to care...

I'm grateful for Larry - he's been so helpful this week.

I'm grateful for the sunny forecast.

I'm grateful for our dear Southern friend - safe travels, Miss Kev!
Mama Cache said…
I'm grateful for my children -- they really pick up the slack.

I'm grateful for the many phone calls, visits, and emails from those who are praying as I travel.

I am particularly grateful for the call from my father-in-law wishing me a good trip -- it was so, so, so sweet. He didn't even want to talk to anyone else!

I am thankful that when we are weak, the Lord remains strong; when we surrounded by the unknown, He still knows everything; and when we are tossed, He gives us His peace.

If I can't get on here next week or the next, know that I'm ever grateful for you. Wouldn't it be sweet if it were the Friday hotels that had free "wee-fee?" ;-)

I love you!