Yosemite Nat'l Park...Day 24

I was really excited to visit Yosemite Nat'l Park, and it was one of the priorities in planning this road trip. After driving all day in Yosemite and seeing all the wonders it holds, I can summarize my thoughts into bullets...for your reading pleasure.

What we loved:

El Capitan, Half Dome and all the incredibly huge granite rocks.

The absolutely stunning, spectacular waterfalls.

The Ansel Adams gallery - inspiring!

The Merced River in all it's different forms.

All the different trees, shrubs and wildflowers in bloom - just beautiful.

What we hated:

The huge, pushy crowds; makes me ashamed of being a tourist.

The speeding, pushy drivers.

Shuttle busses...yuck.

Traffic - I get enough of that at home.

Confusion and lack of helpful rangers/staff. We didn't know what to see, where to go or how to get there when we figured it out. What a bummer.

Even with the negatives, we are still glad we went. I think it was so crowded because it was a Sunday and school is out. I have no excuse for the pushy drivers or unhelpful rangers. *shrug*

Tomorrow we continue onward to San Francisco...


Mama Cache said…
Stunning! Thanks for including so many shots on the blog page.
Stacy Christian said…
What a disappointment that both the Alamo and Yosemite were this way for you.
Just think--Home is waiting for you!

Jedi-J said…
Wow you seemed to have gotten some of the same pics as Ansel did. Did you learn about the Zone System when you visited Mr. Adams museum? haha